Amersfoorts forum voor architectuur, stedenbouw en landschap

What FASadE is about

FASadE is a nonprofit cultural organization with debats, tours, exhibitions, programs and events for the people of Amersfoort and beyond. Our mission is to inspire, to stimulate and to clarify why design matters. The way our streets, neighbourhoods, parks, landscapes, squares and public buidings function, has influence on us all. It determines the way we go to school or work, where we meet or play, where we can take initiative and seek quietness or liveliness. That's why the design of the city and landscape and awareness of it is vital!

As a forum for architecture, urban design and landscape in Amersfoort, FASadE finds motives in actual assignments and current topics. FASadE collaborates with (local) cultural partners as Kunsthal KAdE, Mondrian House, Museum Flehite, 033Fotostad, Scholen in de Kunst, filmtheatre De Lieve vrouw, FLUOR stage, De Nieuwe Erven.

FASadE aims at a broad audience. Eight young designers, who all work and/or live in Amersfoort, participate in organising FASadE activities. They are called De Jonge Honden. Programmaker is Irene Edzes. She is also chairman of the program council which consists of senior professionals and two representatives of De Jonge Honden:

Irene Edzes - program-maker and chairman of the program council at FASadE
works also as an architect at Vollmer & partners urban and landscape design
Johan Galjaard -  urban designer, former owner SVP architecture and urban design
Patricia Kleijn - municipality of Amersfoort
Patrick van der Klooster - director at BPDi (team of city developers)
Pim Kupers - landscape designer at H+N+S Landscape architects
Gerard Plug -
architect at Maas Architects
Jojanneke Tap -
architect and interiordesigner at OOK architects

Jonge Honden:
Andrea Fernandez - stedenbouwkundige bij SVP architectuur & stedenbouw
Femke Bouwknecht - designer at ZEEP architects and urban designers
David Huijben
- landschapsarchitect at Haver Droeze
Amy Kosse - Landschapdesigner and consultant public space at the municipality of Amersfoort
Jojanneke Tap - architect and interiordesigner at OOK architects

Josefine Uittenbogert - assistent designer at Rick Lagerwaard Architect BNA BV
Paul Versteeg - architect at agNOVA architects
Jessica Wierenga - designer at OOK architects

FASadE is part of Stichting Amersfoort in C.
Management Board:
Mw. C.E.P.M. Herben, member
Dhr. J.P.C. Obbink, secretary
Mw. A.E. Postma, member

Dhr. H.J.F. Razenberg, chairman
Dhr. H.T.A.J.M. Rimmelzwaan, treasurer

COVID 19 en FASadE
COVID - 19 en FASadE / Lees meer
De COVID-19 crisis raakt iedereen. Met een aangepast programma blijft FASadE inspireren. Gezien de huidige ontwikkelingen laat FASadE programma alleen doorgang vinden als de 1,5m afstand goed gehandhaafd kan worden. Op eigen gelegenheid kun je op stap gaan met de architectuurroutekaarten langs het werk van stadsarchitecten C.B. van der Tak of D. Zuiderhoek. Binnenkort is er de Spiegelexpeditie.